Customer Experience : A New division within the company

Transforming into a more customer-centric organization

For over half a century, Sbitany & Sons Co. has been serving the Palestinian market in the home appliances and electronics sector. The company’s growth and expansion in all parts of Palestine throughout this period was attributed to their customers’ support and trust in their products and services.  For this reason, Sbitany has always upheld its commitment towards its customers in its day to day operations and has always worked towards improving and refining its company strategies to meet and exceed customer expectations.  Sbitany’s goal was to always to deliver the highest quality products, services, and safest guarantee in everything that they do for their customers.

Mazen Sbitany, the President and CEO of Sbitany focuses heavily on the customer, his mission over the years was always centered around the needs of the customer as he strongly believes that they are the main reason for Sbitany’s existence.


In their quest to continue improving, Mr. Mazen Sbitany recently created a new division within the company, the “Customer Experience Division” to transform into a more customer-centric organization.  This new division is being led by Miss Fatin Zahra, who will work towards building a great customer experience from the awareness stage, through the purchasing process and finally through the after-sale process.  In order to enhance every single touch point and interaction between customers and Sbitany, Fatin is starting with initiatives that focus on the training and development of all employees in Sbitany’s retail stores, call center, logistics, and maintenance centers as well as on transforming the company’s cultural beliefs and philosophies to be more aligned with customer expectations.  She hopes to place the customer at the core of Sbitany’s business all the way from the CEO, across all corporate divisions, and to the most integral part of the company, the dedicated front-line employees who are serving customers every day.

Sbitany welcomes all feedback as they believe in the power of the customer’s voice.  Do not hesitate to reach out to them with any comments or questions at 1-700-550-110 or at


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