Sbitany Organizes a Leisure Trip for a Group of Mobile Employees and Accredited Merchants to the Greek Island of Crete


Jerusalem – Akram Sbitany & Sons (Sbitany) has organized a leisure trip for three of its accredited merchants and 10 employees from the Palestinian telecommunications company “Jawwal” to the island of Crete, the largest Greek islands and fifth largest island in the Mediterranean.

The trip falls within the framework of the company’s plan to reward merchants and telecommunications staff of outstanding performance, all of whom have achieve the highest sale numbers, and motivate their peers to increase their efforts in scoring higher sales levels.

Sbitany had also organized trips over the past year, and due to the success of the experiment on various levels, it has decided to hold them on a regular basis, as an incentive for the telecommunication employees and merchants, whom it values, to raise the level of sales.

Also, such activities work on strengthening the cooperation with Sbitany’s strategic and privileged partner Jawwal on one hand, being one of the major local companies with outstanding performance, and with all merchants on the other hand.

Participants spent enjoyable and quiet days in luxury resorts or roaming the touristic island and appreciating the cultural and architectural heritage and scenic view of mountains and magnificent rocky beaches.

In turn, Jawwal staff and merchants extended their appreciation and thanks to Sbitany’s management for organizing such recreational trips that strengthen the ties with Sbitany and social relations between participants.



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