Sbitany Partners with the Palestinian Islamic Bank


Akram Sbitany & Sons (Sbitany) joins efforts with the Palestinian Islamic Bank, one of the largest and most notable Palestinian banks, in order to facilitate the purchase of electrical appliances from all Sbitany branches.

Upon signing the agreement, Sbitany has committed to providing the best affordable service to all Bank’s clients, and meet their needs in a most convenient manner.

The agreement was signed by the CEO and General Manager, Mr. Mazen Akram Sbitany, and the Palestinian Islamic Bank’s General Manager, Mr. Bayan Qasim. The agreement was signed in the presence of a number of managers from both companies, headed by Deputy General Manager of Sbitany, Omar Mazen Sbitany, and Marketing Director, Samer Abdullah Sabri, as well as the Islamic Bank’s Deputy Director General Sa’eb Sammour, Regional Director Imad al-Saadi, and the Director of the Department of Finance Affairs Zuhair Bzour, and Finance and Grants Director Abdul Rauf Alawneh.

The agreement enables the Islamic Bank to finance all its clients for the purchase of electrical and electronic devices from Sbitany.

Mr. Sbitany expressed his delight at the partnership with the Palestinian Islamic Bank, which is considered the most prominent and important banks in Palestine. He elaborated: “The signing of the agreement with the Bank today is an embodiment of a constructive partnership between companies and banks,” praising the efforts of the Bank at a national level and its contribution to the achievement of economic development in the Palestinian market.

He added: “This step comes to complement the strategic vision of the company, which aims at promoting and developing all services provided to our customers, and guaranteeing the best and easiest access to whatever they might need of electrical appliances.”

In turn, Mr. Bayan Qasim explained that this agreement is the beginning of an important framework for the establishment of a unique line of relations with the Bank’s clients, through enabling them to lead more modern lifestyles with an array of devices and equipment offered by Sbitany. On a different note, he expressed that the agreement propels the Bank’s future cooperation with private companies and elevates the Palestinian economy, especially with a major company like Sbitany.

The signing event included discussions of marketing activities carried out by Sbitany during the last year, and the mechanism for joint collaboration with the Islamic Bank for this year and joint campaigns that will be launched soon. It also included a presentation by Mr. Mazen Sbitany of the development of the company and how it expanded by more than 550 employees and 19 branches. This was met with another overview from Mr. Bayan Qasim of the Bank’s high-ranking level, in terms of services, branches and the number of clients.



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