Sbitany Signs Agreement with “Transcend” as part of its Customer Service Development Campaign


Akram Sbitany & Sons has signed an agreement of strategic partnership with “Transcend” company for technical support services, based in the city of Bethlehem. This agreement aims at improving and developing the customer care department’s call service at Sbitany, through joint cooperation between customer service staff and Transcend employees.

The signing represents Sbitany’s commitment to providing the best services to meet the needs of all its customers.

The agreement was signed by Deputy General Manager Omar Mazen Sbitany, and Transcend CEO Ms. Abeer Hazboun Sader, in the presence of a number of general managers from both companies.

The agreement will allow all Sbitany customers to communicate with the customer service center 12 hours a day, from 9 am until 9 pm, thus extending the call service that used to end at 4 pm for an additional five hours.

Work was carried out by a professional team from “Transcend,” providing guidance on responding to different customer inquiries, and transferring technical problems related to maintenance to the department in charge to provide necessary follow-up and solutions.

For his part, Omar Sbitany stated that “this important step complements the strategic vision of our company, which aims to promote and develop all the services provided to our customers, namely customer service, that has set the company apart from its peers in the Palestinian market. Sbitany has always put the interest of its customers first. “

He added that this agreement will not cancel the company’s “customer service” unit but help develop it to become more efficient, as it still can be reached at the same telephone number: 1700550110. He also stressed the importance of this cooperation with such a large and global company specialized in service provision, such as Transcend.

Sbitany is one of the most notable companies in the Palestinian market with a staff of more than 550 employees, and 19 branches distributed across the West Bank and Jerusalem and more than 6 maintenance centers. It also boasts an extensive relationship with more than 250 merchants.

With a continuous growth of services and keeping abreast of the latest developments of marketing and customer service, Sbitany is never afar from its customers.

It is worth mentioning that “Transcend” began working in Palestine in 2012, founded by experts and investors from Palestine, Britain and the United States, and specializes in the provision of audible and non-audible local, regional and international corporate services.

Other Transend clients enjoy high-value services through the application of international standards and best practices in the field of customer satisfaction.

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