• This Buying guide gives you an detailed view of the latest technology and design available at Sbitany. Wether you are searching for your first built-in oven or in need of a full set of cooking appliances, we can help you find the best fit.

Built-In Hob

Built-In Hobs have the advantage of being able to be placed in any area in your kitchen. From your standard kitchen counter to being placed on an island, the Built-In hob gives you freedom to design your kitchen as you please. You can choose from a standard 4 burner hob to larger hobs with 5 or more burners. Look our for special features such as the wok burners, triple gas burners and various safety technologies.

  • gas-hob-diag

  • Gas

    Gas Hobs have the advantage of precise temperature control which is why gas burners are preferred by chefs. Gas burners are also ideal for high temperature cooking such as searing or stir-frying due to the ability to reach optimal cooking temperature very quickly.

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  • electric-hob-diag

  • Electric

    All electric cooktops available at Sbitany are electro ceramic hobs which have the distinct advantage of being extremely safe and very easy to clean due to the smooth glass surface. A further advantage of Electric Hobs is the ability to maintain a very low heat for simmering.

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  • 60cm

    60cm is the standard base size for any cooktop. With maximum of 4 burners, 60cm fits in most kitchens.

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  • 70cm

    70cm Cooktops usually come in a
    wider range of layouts
    allowing for up to 5 burners.

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  • 90cm

    90cm cooktops are generally the largest size hobs on the market allowing for more space on the cooking surface  and up to 6 burners.

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Built-In Ovens

Built-In Ovens are integrated into your kitchen cabinet creating a clean and simple design. Most Ovens are 60cm or 90cm wide, but other sizes are sometimes available. Make sure that you have measured the space available before committing to a specific oven size. Be on the lookout for special features such as easy cleaning, cooking programs and convection function.

  • convection

  • Convection Oven

    Convection Ovens contain a fan that distributes the heat and assists in the cooking process. Its main advantages are faster cooking times, more even cooking and improved energy efficiency.

  • multifunction

  • Multifunction (Cooking Programs)

    for more advanced features look for ovens that have specialized cooking programs. These programs cover all cooking styles making baking, broiling and roasting that much easier.

  • pyrolitic

  • Easy Cleaning

    Cleaning your oven is usually a tedious chore. Using high temperatures, easy cleaning ovens use a variety of methods to allow for easy cleaning using a damp cloth.


  • bimwo-diag

  • Built-In Microwave

    Microwaves have become a staple in the modern kitchen. Each family uses the microwave to different degrees but in any case the microwave oven provides convenience and utility that you cannot get from a traditional oven. Built-In microwaves become part of the cabinetry and provides seamless integration into your kitchen design.

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Cooking Hoods not only provide your kitchen with an added design feature but plays a functional role in the cooking and living experience. Available in many forms and sizes the hood provides ventilation removing steam, smoke and odors while cooking. Depending on the location of your cooking surface, hoods are available in 3 form factors, standard under-cabinet , wall-mounted, and island.

There are 2 ways Hoods are able to ventilate the exhaust fumes from cooking.

  1. The first method utilizes a ventilation shaft that carries the steam, smoke and odors outside the home. These types of hoods need professional installation.
  2. The second method uses an internal filtration and purification process where the exhaust fumes are passed through certain filters and the air is returned to the room.
  • hood-undercounter

  • Standard Under-cabinet Hood

    The standard under-cabinet hood designs attach to the underside of the cabinet and are ideal for people on a budget and small spaces.

  • hood-wall

  • Wall mounted Chimney Hood

    Wall mounted Chimney Hoods hoods can come in many different forms but all have the ability to vent the exhaust outside the home via a duct. Chimney hoods are more stylish and take up more space than a standard hood.

  • hood-island

  • Island hood

    Island hoods are very similar to chimney hoods but are specially designed to hang above an island cooktop where a standard and wall mounted chimney hood can.

  • builtin hood

  • built-in hood

    Built-in hoods are ideal for providing the functionality of a cooktop hood without affecting the look of your kitchen by hiding behind your kitchen cabinet. If you prefer a cleaner look to your kitchen Built-in hoods should be something to consider.