Part of its “We Care” program: Sbitany delivers a range of charitable initiatives during the first half of year 2016

WeCare activities for 2016

Akram Sbitany & Sons “Sbitany” has implemented a range of charitable activities and supported a number of educational, environmental and health organizations and institutions, as well as youth and women empowerment centers during the first half of the year 2016 under its social responsibility program “We Care.”

Since its launch in late 2013, the program has continuously worked on supporting a group of Palestinian institutions and charities in the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza Strip to help improve society and provide the best services to all citizens. The program stems from Sbitany’s belief in its social and humanitarian responsibility towards Palestinian society, being a major Palestinian company.

For example, the company has supported students in remote areas suffering from a range of problems, including lack of funding and dire economic conditions. Through the “We Care” program, Sbitany successfully distributed a set of winter sweaters to students in the village of Yatta in the district of Hebron, and restored and paved the playground of a girls’ elementary school in Al-Ram, located on the outskirts of the city of Jerusalem. It also provided a group of “Midea” air conditioners to a vocational and professional training center in Jericho.

The program has also supported a range of institutions and organizations dedicated to the care of orphaned children, by providing them with a variety of electrical appliances that meet their needs as well as the needs of the children they serve. The company has initiated a special media project to help shed some light on the work of the SOS Children’s Village Palestine by producing and promoting a short documentary video about it and the various services it provides. The video highlights the great efforts they are making, urging companies and individuals to reach out to them.

During the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, and with the participation of Sbitany’s management and a group of its employees, the company has extended an invitation to a group of charitable institutions and others that care for orphans over a special “Iftar” meal, which is served at the time of the evening prayer, ending the daily fast.   A similar gathering included a range of gifts of small electric devices that were distributed among a number of visually impaired participants. Activities also included handing out dates and water to the fasting people who are away from home or who are stuck at checkpoints at the time of Iftar.

The company has continued to offer a helping hand to needy families suffering under difficult financial conditions. It has so far helped lower-income families in the villages of Qibia and Rantis in the district of Ramallah through rehabilitating homes, and supplying furniture and larger electric home appliances. In addition, 30 lower-income families received money grants during the holy month of Ramadan. Several community-empowerment initiatives have also been implemented.

For his part, Deputy Director General Amr Mazen Sbitani said that all these acts are evidence of the company’s benevolence towards its country, and its eagerness to be part of its affairs and support all sectors and segments of society, steering it towards a better reality and future. These donations are not solely provided by the company’s management, as they include contributions by Sbitany’s employees and customers collected through donation boxes provided at all company branches. Since the beginning of this year, 200,000 shekels have been spent towards the implementation of projects that aim at educating communities, encouraging acts of goodwill and providing support for those who need it.

Let’s all stand together and build a society that exemplifies unity and love.


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