Sbitany carries out its social responsibility towards its people for the third year in a row

In accordance with its belief in the values and principles of giving, generosity, and contribution to the development and promotion of societal success, and desiring to see the Palestinian people never ceasing to progress towards the better, and because Sbitany is well-aware that its success in its field is achieved as joint effort of society, Sbitany has resumed its journey of social responsibility for 2016, its third year in effect, under its program WeCare.

Since it has been put into motion in 2013, WeCare has been involved in maintaining several areas of social responsibility, such as education, healthcare, social charity, and culture.

WeCare is a program that reflects the sense of social solidarity that is ingrained in the hearts and minds of Palestinians. The program continues to exist not because Sbitany alone believes in the abundant benefits that the acts of striving to do good and helping others offer, but because the customers of Sbitany are certain of this as well. This is seen clearly in the multiple sources of income of the program WeCare, presenting an exemplary model of Palestinian social solidarity and its generosity. The income is partly supplied by Sbitany’s management, while the employees devote a percentage of their monthly salaries for it. But it does not end with Sbitany and its employees, as the third source of the program’s income comes from the customers of Sbitany who undertake to donate in the donation boxes available in all the branches of Sbitany, opting to partake in WeCare and mirroring their eagerness to build a better future for everyone.

In 2016, Sbitany was able to provide support and contribute to 18 projects under the social responsibility program with a budget that amounted to NIS 400,000.

Of the projects that was involved in education was providing a blind student with a braille machine so that he could continue his education and the renovation of the schoolyard of Al-Ram Elementary Girl’s School. The projects that dealt with healthcare included one helping a young child from a poor family and who suffers from hearing loss receive her long-awaited cochlear implant. As for social charity, Sbitany, under some of the projects, managed to renovate and completely furnish two houses for two families, distribute wheelchairs and schoolbags to a group of children with special needs, as well as deliver hundreds of blankets and heaters to numerous underprivileged families as one of Sbitany’s “Warm Winter” campaign activities. And because a society prospers with cultural enrichment, Sbitany also supported a film production project for a documentary that narrates the story of the SOS Children’s Village in Bethlehem. In the month of Ramadan, a month that advocates even more generosity and giving, Sbitany was pleased to hold an Iftar, draw smiles on the faces of children, the blind, and disadvantaged families with various gifts, and distribute dates and water bottles among the fasting stranded at the checkpoints at the time of fast-breaking.

Sbitany considers itself responsible for reciprocating and giving back to a society that is the reason for its existence and success in the first place. It believes that the rise of every member of society in all aspects of life ultimately is the rise of society as a whole, a change that will ensure that everyone will have their share of the many joys life can offer. So, thank you all, and may God help us resume our journey of giving and to always be present at your service.

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